Georgeous Wedding on the most beautiful church of Nicaragua!   / Cathedral Basilica of the Assumption, Leon, Nicaragua. - Location
By @moisesduranweddings.  / March 14th, 2020 / Weddings
One of the most fun weddings ever!
There was Marimba music, The Old Man and The Old Lady folklore dance, and great speeches!
From Georgia, USA, this wonderful couple had his ceremony at(...)

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Intimate Wedding on the coast of San Juan Del Sur  / Mango Rosa Resort, & Maderas Beach, Rivas, Nicaragua. - Location
By @moisesduranweddings.  / March 07th, 2020 / Weddings
 One of the greatest couples i ever had the chance to capture, they(...)

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A lovely Beach Wedding / Solyar Luxury Beach House, Pochomil, Nicaragua. - Location
By @moisesduranweddings.  / February 22th, 2020 / Weddings
Amazing wedding with this Canadian guys, the ceremony had a few (...)

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Wonderful Forest Wedding / Selva Negra Hotel, Matagalpa, Nicaragua. - Location
By @moisesduranweddings.  / June 19th, 2019 / Weddings
This was a very special wedding. The place is magical, where you turn your eyes you can (...)

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Spay & Neuter Day - Global Strays NGO & Adan NGO / Vista Alegre, Masaya, Nicaragua.
By @moisesduranweddings.  / May 18th, 2019 / Documentary
Last weekend, I was collaborating with Global Strays NGO and Adan NGO, where Globaly Strays financed a (...)

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A Switzerland couple, showing his love to the world. / Seminario La Purisima, Managua, Nicaragua.
By @moisesduranweddings.  / December 28th, 2017 / Weddings

This wedding was a very special thing for me. It was my first time working with (...)

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Helping to the dogs and horses in Granada's Dumpster  / Granada, Nicaragua. - Location
By @moisesduranweddings.  / July 01th, 2019 / Documentary

We work together with Global Strays NGO and Aprovet Nicaragua  in a dumpster located in (...)

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A wedding in the middle of the city! / Nuestra Señora del Carmen Chappel - Location
By @moisesduranweddings.  / December 15th, 2018 / Weddings

In a place located in the heart of Managua, Nicaragua, this amazing couple had (...) 

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Incredible couple with great energy and charisma! / Contempo Hotel - Location
By @moisesduranweddings.  / October 08th, 2017 / Weddings

The hotel where they held their event was the stage for them to (...) 

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